// Tristan Bath // Writer // Musician //

Behind Closed Doors

by Chaménos Collective

at The Vaults, Waterloo, February 2015


As part of the annual Vaults Festival held underneath Waterloo station in London, Tristan composed, performed and recorded a second full score for Chaménos Collective, a multidisciplinary avant garde theatre group under the direction of Alexander Luttley and Toni Tippett. 

Very much inspired by the haphazard world of circus and burlesque behind the play, Tristan wrote and performed using a wide variety of instruments for Behind Closed Doors, including melodica, piano, guitars, ukuleles, glockenspiel, and a whole host of percussion.


Words from LondonDance.com:

Chaménos Collective return with a production that seeks to look at what happens Behind Closed Doors. In the signature, multidisciplinary style they fuse music, movement, text and images to create a collage of styles and a picture of the absurd world in which we live.

"It is a huge artistic risk, full of bold choices and wacky ideas. It looks like a show that is going to grow leaps and bounds as it is performed more for audiences  [...]  It is pure avant-garde theatre. If that is not for you, run away from this show. If it is however you‘ll find yourself riveted by this ensemble." - Ingimar Sverrisson, Theatre FullStop