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Tristan is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist.

He records his own music as Missing Organs, and has released on Sacred Tapes, Umor Rex, and A Giant Fern.

He plays guitar in a psychedelic space rock band called Dodmen, and drums in groovy surf punk band Black Fjords.

He also co-founded the label Bezirk in 2016 with Daryl Worthington, aka Beachers.

Missing Organs is a dark ambient solo musical project by Tristan. The first Missing Organs album was released on cassette tape by Toronto's Power Moves Label in October 2014. It was reviewed by The Wire and Drowned in Sound in the UK, and Chart Attack in Canada. The second, Hard Walls was released by Sacred Tapes in February 2016. 

"Wonderful bedroom experimentalism with varieties of guitars, keys and percussives blended in ways that are sometimes cacophonous, sometimes very sweet, and rarely predictable. I've become used to such hermetic instrumental exercises being rather monochromatic, but Bath's work here is varied as hell and highly engaging as an avant pop readymade." - Byron Coley for The Wire

"...aside from the brilliant song titles and artwork, the main thing recommending this record is its somewhat unexpected compositional approach. There’s a big 70s krautrock influence here, judging from the komische electronics of ‘Lowstill’ and gently squalling guitar of ‘Rotting Apricot’, but this is an unsettling record that flits adeptly between varied instrumental approaches. Ultimately, Bath’s approach makes for a listenable and thought provoking record." - Benjamin Bland for Drowned in Sound

"The genuflections are there. Faust, Tim Hecker's Ravedeath, 1972 and the Kranky roster all join Undiscovered's solemn march from room to room of an abandoned, cavernous orchestra. But the album best distances itself from these artists - and even its own songs - when there's a mixture of analogue and digital [...] When it holds on a comforting bed of tones and tosses them with more nauseous elements, the tension is something true, a soundtrack for any one of our billion internal battles." - Jordan Darville for Chart Attack

"Heavy, inky beats and meditative strobing build an anxious sense of awareness, while piquant drones and samples pepper an abyss inclined to tilt and yawn. Its haunted sense of significance can be surprisingly nimble though, hinged on subtle psychedelics produced by the mutation of duress — in this case, a minimalist’s palette determined by Bath’s focus here on “Improvisation and repetition.”" - Dwight Pavlovic for Secret Decoder

This is an improvisation for mini synths and drum machine

This is a composition about at trip to the Headland in Newquay, Cornwall. Made using a virtual synthesizers.

This is a dub song about rock circles made using a keyboard, drums, a guitar and a microphone.