// Tristan Bath // Writer // Musician //

Painted Faces

by Chamenos Collective

at London's Waterloo Vaults Festival, 2014

For this performance Tristan composed the entirety of the pre-recorded 50-minute score, written for piano, organ and synthesized percussion. In addition to composing, performing and recording the music, Tristan was also in attendance as the live sound tech for Painted Faces.


Words from the Waterloo Vaults' site:

Drawing inspiration originally from Lorca’s masterpiece The Public, a piece which ahead of its time spoke of the importance of accepting the individual however different they may be from ourselves. Love, loss, power, struggle and unity are sentiments which can be accessed globally, multi-national ideas which, although perhaps not understood identically, play an important factor in the lives of many. Chaménos Collective presents a collage of these ideas, with inspiration from Lorca, Magritte, Bausch, Kantor and the unique experience and styles of the present ensemble. 

Music, dance, text, art, sculpture, movement, voice, image and film all play a heavy influence on the creative process, with those areas not specialised in by the director embraced from the experience and expertise of others in the collective.

Praise for Painted Faces

"Superb fringe theatre with a daring verve and sleek, stylish aesthetic that creates an atmosphere of dark absurdity, both challenging and visually stimulating." - What's Peen Seen