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Un Cas de Nostalgie

by Pi the Mime

at Mimetic Festival, 2014



Tristan engineered live sound and light for this hour-long mime performance at London's Mimetic Festival.

Words from Mimetic: 

Meet Pi. His head in the clouds and his feet firmly half way up in the air, he cannot help but dream.

Join him as he travels through the landscape of his imagination, suitcase in hand, and meets some truly unusual characters. From a geisha to a stripper, this cheeky little mime cannot resist flirtations with those that he meets – but what happens when they find out about one another?

Which one will he choose?

Praise for Un Cas de Nostalgie and Pi the Mime:

"Un Cas de Nostalgie is a real masterclass in writing, acting, directing and, well, pure professionalism. Pi is a versatile artist, adapting to whatever happens and able to charm a crowd. Quite literally the best-case scenario." - Views from the Gods  ★★★★★

"Pi The Mime produces the type of show one really does hope to see. Mime theatre is a hugely challenging strand of theatre to get right with performers always striving to perfect their characters throughout their lives and watching Pi it is clear why so much care is spent trying to get it just right. His characters might be silent but with the smallest accessory or prop Pi ensures life is breathed into them." - The New Current  ★★★★★